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Mike Stewart

Mike Stewart

Thinking of Buying a Property at 821 Cambie Raffles on Robson?

Mike Stewart can help! Whether you’re a First Time Home Buyer or a seasoned Real Estate Investor, I can offer you great advice and answer any and all questions you may have about purchasing a property at 821 Cambie.

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About Our Service

The Mike Stewart Group operates a network of websites about Vancouver real estate. On our websites, you will find resources you need to buy property in Vancouver whether you’re a First Time Home Buyer purchasing your first condo, an experienced Vancouver Home Buyer upgrading, or a seasoned Real Estate Investor.

For First Time Home buyers, I have a great series of videos that explain the buying process in detail from start to finish. Learn more about what we offer First Time Home Buyers.

For Buyers who have purchased properties before and real estate investors, I have videos and other resources on my home page which is Vancouver’s top real estate video blog covering topics ranging from how to protect your interests when buying a property using a PCDS to Monthly Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver Statistics.

General FAQ

What sort of timeline should I be aware of when purchasing a property at 821 Cambie?

1) Date of acceptance.
This is when the buyer and seller agree to a price and conditions. Most offers are conditional, meaning the buyers agree to buy if they are satisfied with the condition of the home, the documentation associated with the home, and any other conditions in the contract. The buyer is usually given a week to satisfy their conditions, but this can vary depending on the deal.

2) Subject Removal Date
The end of the conditional period when the buyer removes the conditions from their offer is referred to as the Subject Removal Date (conditions are often referred to as subjects). This is the next important date for a real estate transaction. By removing the conditions the buyer agrees to pay the purchase price on the Completion Date unconditionally. It is the buyer’s responsibility to get a building inspection, inspect the home’s documentation, finalize their financing, and fulfill any other conditions before the Subject Removal Date. If the buyer does not fulfill these conditions or remove the subjects the deal will collapse.

3) Completion Date
This is the date when the buyer pays the purchase price and becomes the registered owner of the property. It is also the date when the seller receives the purchase price and gives up ownership of the property. The buyer does not move in on the completion date.

4) Possession Date
Move-in day starts from 12 noon on the Possession Date. The sellers must have all of their possessions moved out of the home at this time.

For more questions, please contact ac.trawetsekimobfsctd@ekim.

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